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October 2013
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We are hosting  massive Halloween Sale at my new site. You can get signed physical copies of our material for low prices AND we've discounted all our digital material on CD Baby as well as the books on Smashwords.

You can visit our site here: www.roberthazelton.com to see some details about the sale.

We are also celebrating the release of my new novel Drown the Heart. It is available on Amazon and Smashwords right now. The digital versions are $.99 cents.

Glamour & Shadows is also on sale. You can get a copy from Smashwords for $.99 with this coupon code: PH28K.

You can also visit CD Baby for information about digital copies of our music for cheap or from the store located at www.dnbs-music.com.

Please take a look and pick up the new book! Thanks!!!

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We have finished the CD of Lost Dreams and it will be shipping on June 25th.

We are only pressing 25 copies of this limited edition CD so get your copy while you can at www.deadlynightshadebotanicalsociety.com/lostdreams

The cost is 9.99!

We have opened the doors to pre-ordering our new CD the Carnival of the Poisoned Rose.

Check it out at www.dnbs-music.com

There's a link to a special site where you can see the track list and hear some samples.

The pre order is 11.99 (30% off retail price) and will include some nice extras. Hop over to the site and check it out!

This CD has sixteen tracks, over 60 minutes of music!


We have released a single from our from our forthcoming CD 'Carnival of the Poisoned Rose'. It is titled 'All You Ladies' and is currently only available from CD Baby (https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dnbs4).

Hop over and check it out!!

Last night we opened up Pre-orders for our new CD 'Brand New Antiques'.  It's got 6 new songs and 5 songs that we're revisiting from the previous two CDs (in various ways).  This time, we're doing something a little new with the whole 'Put your name in the CD liner'.  

We've come up with a quiz to let people figure out what posting they'd hold in the Deadly Nightshade Botanical Society and then we'll put their title next to their name in the CD.  The first ten pre-order folks also get a Mister Raisins poster painted by Jamie Wolcott.

Check out the pre-order information over here.

We're also playing Steamcon on November 19th.  It'll be an acoustic set specifically designed for the venue.  Show starts @ 5:00.

Never Mind the fact that they are harder to play than an electric. I tried to change the strings for the first time and it was not a success. There was a buzz in the low E. When I tried to fix it o snapped the bastard in half. So much for that. And since I only bought one set I am screwed until tomorrow. I'm not happy with this thing. It is just different enough from what I'm used to that I don't like it. :p

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The Cog Days are here and it’s time to gear up on some steampunk goodness at the DNBS store.  Right now, for a limited time we’ve got some coupons to give away from Total Eclipse, the creators of the Clockwork Man series.  These games have proven to be hits in the casual game community and if you haven’t picked up your copy of the newest installment, you’re in luck!

 If you spend 10 dollars or less on any DNBS product from our store or CD Baby, we’ll send you a 2 dollar coupon for the Clockwork Man 2 Ultimate Edition (normally 19.99).  If you spend more than 10 dollars, then we’ll give you a coupon for 5 dollars off.

This deal is straight from their site, supporting the developers of the game.  Help out artists today by getting your cog on. 

Offer ends August 31st!  Don’t wait!!!

I gave this game a try when it first came out and managed to get to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. At that point, I had lost interest, mostly because the game felt too repetitive and I was playing World of Warcraft like a fiend from hell. Once I got to the point that I was just doing daily quests in WoW and experiencing the same level of repetition that I had in Star Trek, I started to look around.

I played a couple weeks of Lord of the Rings Online, Champions Online and Age of Conan before going back to Star Trek Online. The reason I gave it another try was their silly store where you can buy stuff for your characters. I picked up a Liberated Borg Officer and went crazy. In fact, in one month I went all through three ranks and just last night, hit Rear Admiral.

Read more...Collapse )

For those who don’t know anything about this game, the leveling system is not entirely traditional. You pick one of three careers (Engineer, Tactical or Science officer) and you start out as an Ensign. The tutorial takes you through to Lieutenant and then you have to play for a while before you’re eligible for the next ‘tier’. 

 It works like this: you acquire skill points that you spend on any skill on your sheet. You have a certain number of skill points you have to spend to get to the next rank. Each rank has eleven grades—these are sort of micro-dings to give you a chance to see the improvement and it also grants you rewards at these grades. (It helps determine what quest you’re the proper level to try too since they’re numbered as say Lieutenant Commander 4).

 These tiers where you change rank are fairly dramatic. New ships, new bridge officers, access to better technology… my current ship is a beast with far more weapons than I anticipated and more spaces for bridge officers. I haven’t been in a battle yet but based on how my last ship did, this one will tear through the opposition.

 Missions in the game can be fun but they are still repetitive. For me, I’m in it for the characters—to watch all of them grow, not just your primary PC. It’s awesome that they made it possible to solo in the game through the use of crewmen from your ship. Building them up and managing multiple careers is a lot of fun. I don’t know why I’d start a new character to be honest… but keeping my current one has been amazing.

 They just put out a free expansion that added a bunch of stuff. Diplomacy missions have hit the scene (until now, you’ve done a LOT of ass kicking and less talking—which seems more Buck Rogers and less Captain Picard). Last night I got an accolade (achievement) for killing 200 Orion Pirates… and considering I’ve picked that up for Klingons, Romulans, Cardasians and Gorn, I personally have destroyed more vessels than were taken out in every Star Trek series combined. 

 I don’t know how these diplomacy missions work yet—I am on my way to them when next I play but they have some neat rewards.

 Overall, I would rate the game a lot higher than it has been by reviewers. I can’t refute much of what they say but I can say that I’ve had a blast with it despite what they say. Look out for a trial and give it a shot. I don’t think you’d be disappointed.

I had some time off so I took it upon myself to play the living shit out of Red Dead Redemption.  The game was fantastic, after my initial disdain for it.  I think it's the first Rock Star game I've been able to finish.  Without a single spoiler, I will simply say the ending surprised me and that the entire game kept me going, doing quests like one might turn pages in a novel.

Games like this really are like graphic novels.  You become attached to the characters and when you're itching to get back to the game to see what happens next, it's the same feeling I get when I want to keep reading a new book.  Other games that I think are like this: Mass Effect 1 & 2, Assassin's Creed 2, Arkham Asylum and Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2. 

I highly recommend all the above games.

Now, a brief on Healing in WoW.  I got a druid to 80... read everything I could find on healing... specced up, bought gear, glyphed up... got in the random dungeon queue...

My first experience was me appearing in the middle of a total wipe with 2 people dead and the others going down fast.  Eek :P.  Getting ready to throw in another go.

And that's all I've got for the moment. :)

So I wrote glass moonlight a while ago now but it is finally ready to get out to the major bookstores. I am currently looking for artists to turn chapter 1 into a graphic novel.

I am pouring over a lot of work so hopefully I will have something to show for sooner than later.

Meanwhile I am working on a new thing for dnbs that should probe to be fun. Stay tuned to see the progress on this random little tidbit.

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